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Here are some frequently asked questions.

When the manufacturer’s warranty expires

The PCOnline warranty continues to provide some of the benefits that the manufacturer’s warranty offers and covers the replacement costs or parts and labor costs to repair your product in the event of a breakdown during normal usage of the product.

Beginning on the Date of Purchase (including the manufacturer’s warranty period)

The plan covers the following product-specific enhanced coverage:


  • Accidental Damage from Handling Breakdowns
  • Battery Replacement: This plan will provide one (1) replacement of an embedded or rechargeable battery. The battery will qualify for replacement only if it fails to accept or hold a charge and failure occurs during the term of the plan. NOTE: Disposable batteries (including but not limited to AA, AAA, C, LR44, DL123A) do not qualify for this coverage.

All Products:

  • Breakdowns caused by power surge
  • Coverage under this plan also includes access to technical assistance and support for your covered product(s) during the term of this plan.

For all products

  • Damage caused by misuse, abuse, willful or intentional conduct;
  • Breakdown caused by introduction of foreign objects or insect infestation;
  • Cosmetic damage, including scratches, peelings or dents that do not impede the mechanical functionality of the qualifying product (unless otherwise provided for above) and problems due to improper installation;
  • Damages caused by acts of God or third-party actions, including but not limited to: fire, collision, vandalism, theft, war, invasion or act of foreign enemy, riot, strike, labor disturbance or civil commotion;
  • Consequential or incidental damages, including but not limited to: loss of business, loss of profits, damage or loss to any data or operating system, downtime, charges for time and effort, liability or damage to property, or injury or death to any person or pet arising out of the operation, maintenance or use of the product;
  • Parts intended for periodic replacement unless specified in the What is Covered section above (for example: computer software or disks, external power supplies, spark plugs, filters, knobs, batteries, bags, belts, trimmer line, bulbs and lamps);
  • Any failures, parts and/or labor costs incurred that are associated with a manufacturer’s recall, regardless of the manufacturer’s ability to pay for such repairs;
  • Inherent defects that are the responsibility of the manufacturer;
  • Products not originally covered by a store return policy or manufacturer’s warranty, e.g., floor models;
  • Pre-existing conditions;
  • Unauthorized service, including service or replacement outside of the USA unless authorized by us or the Administrator;
  • Problems due to improper installation;
  • Products with altered or missing serial numbers;
  • Products with safety feature(s) removed, bypassed, disabled or altered;
  • “No Problem Found” diagnosis or failure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions;
  • Products that are not listed on this plan;
  • Products used for commercial purposes;
  • Products used in multi-user organizations, public rental or communal use in multi-family housing; and
  • Cost of preventative maintenance and damages caused by improper preventative maintenance.

For all products except portable products

  • Breakdowns caused by ADH

Windows Command Prompt (cmd.exe)

1. Open CMD

  • In Windows 8 and 10, press Windows logo key + X, then select Windows PowerShell, Windows PowerShell (Admin), or Command Prompt (Admin).
  • Another way to find Command Prompt in Windows 10 is to search for and select Command Prompt.

2. Find the Serial Number. In the Command Window, as shown below, type or paste the following command: wmic bios get serialnumber

The Printed Label

Check for SN on the labels here.

A receipt will be sent to your account email, please keep this email carefully for future use.

We will provide a prepaid shipping label to send your product to our warehouse.

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