Cloud ERP Suite and Business Intelligence

Our self-developed ERP system allows us to manage the supply chain, inventory, orders, and customer relationships efficiently and effectively.


All-in-one ERP System

PCOnline Enterprise Resource Planning System, PCORE integrates critical functions across the business, such as product lifecycle management, marketplace operation, and digital marketing, to increase productivity and efficiency. In supply chain planning (SCP), personalized modules like sales, vendor management system (VMS), inventory, and invoicing keep track of every phase of the product life cycle. PCORE compares incoming inventory to the order pipeline, predicts demand based on historical patterns, and anticipates the right product and service. In the orders management system (OMS), real-time data monitors and prioritizes customer orders from all channels as they come in and tracks their progress through delivery. ERP enables data to flow through all department processes and workflows, including cost control, manufacturing,  marketing, and sales. With the PCORE ERP system, PCOnline has gained insights and agility to deliver over 1,000 product lines for more than 200,000 customers annually. 


The lifeblood of ERP system


At PCOnline, a system of record (SOR) is maintained in the PC ERP system to support data-driven solutions in a constantly evolving market. The implementation of the Business Intelligence (BI) page serves as the primary reporting system, incorporating real-time data analysis through embedded dashboards for clear and concise insights. The integration of the database and BI pages allows decision-makers to create up-to-date strategies for various scenarios, such as manufacturing planning, advertising adjustment, and merchandising operations. In the event that an outlier is detected in the forecast on the BI page, the product manager will conduct a thorough investigation into the underlying data, working with the market operations and marketing teams to identify the root cause and develop effective solutions.

Boosting the productivity

HTML Tools

The Toolbox serves as a centralized platform for web-based tools that facilitate data sharing and collaboration. Developed by the in-house IT team, it has been customized to fulfill the specific needs of operations. The deployment of the Toolbox has improved operational efficiency through the integration of an error-prevention mechanism. For instance, the Inbound Tool is utilized by warehouse operators for initial product identification upon receipt. The product is then recorded in the inventory management system and registered with the Location Tool to monitor its storage location. Upon receipt of orders, the product is manufactured to meet customer specifications, picked, and dispatched from the warehouse using the Shipping Tool. The serial number serves as a unique identifier, ensuring accurate and traceable tracking of each step. By integrating with real-time data, the Toolbox eliminates the need for manual data collection, reducing the risk of errors and significantly enhancing the efficiency of all operational processes.

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